We're Cory & Gloria McCune, a husband and wife fine art wedding photography duo based in Southern California. We are story tellers and believers of true love. We love to capture life's fleeting and most cherished moments. It's in those moments...when you see the love of your life you are going to marry right before walking down the aisle...and that very first kiss as a married couple that makes the world stop.

We live for the memories that take your breath away and take you back to that perfect day. We love to photograph with medium format film that allows us to create timeless and romantic photos that are artistic, light filled, that capture the beautiful love story behind each and every celebration. 

Greg Finck

We fell into the industry by chance. The moment we picked up our cameras to document a love story that is when things changed and we haven't looked back.  We love to create and as artists, it is so special being able to capture the most sacred moments between two people who are in love and all their beautiful details on their wedding day.

A little about us...we are each other's best friend and partner in crime. We are big on not taking ourselves too seriously and love to have fun. We are crazy about our little family and treat our pets like royalty. When we aren't photographing the most beautiful love stories, we are planning our next adventure, making new memories, catching up on our favorite shows, spending time with friends, being foodies, enjoying coffee talk and living life to it's fullest!


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"We cannot say enough about these two... we absolutely ADORE the McCunes! We  were on the hunt for a photography duo -- specifically a married couple, because I like the spouse/spouse dynamic and interaction when it comes to photography. We fell in love with Cory and Gloria's personalities the moment we first met, and we knew instantly that they were a perfect fit for our wedding day.

-Elizabeth & Austin

Their charming energy exuded to making our day so enjoyable. They knew exactly how to capture all the right moments beautifully, from the details of our rings to every candid smile from us and our guests. Each and every bride and groom photo captured us as a couple perfectly. They went above and beyond. They both are amazing at their craft. We cannot say enough great things about Gloria and Cory as a dynamic duo, splendid artists. and for making our wedding so magical.

Kathy & Erik

We cannot thank Gloria and Cory enough for the wonderful memories they captured as our engagement and wedding photographers. Their eye for photography is spot on! We knew right away that McCune Photography was the perfect choice for us. They know how to make a special moment last forever and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Their photos are truly a work of art! Both the engagement shoot and wedding day were fun and romantic. They captured so many beautiful details, we just love them all! 

Bree & Greg

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To ensure each of our couple's receives the personal care and attention they deserve, 
we only photograph a limited of weddings per year.  

For a detailed list of our Wedding Collections and or a custom proposal for Destination Weddings, please fill out the information below and we will get in touch with you shortly.  

We look forward to the opportunity to be a part of your special day!

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Starting at $8000

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